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November 2016 November 20 1 6 9 Rob DeCleene addresses delegates as Becky Fletcher looks on at Visit South Bend Mishawaka's luncheon. Jonathan Howe, a travel industry attorney, warned attendees about what's in the con- tracts they sign. He said it is crucial to read contracts entirely and understand everything in them. "My simple definition of a contract is that it's 'a self-inflicted wound,'" said Howe. "You're totally at the mercy of what you put on paper. When you ask some people, 'What did you mean by this?' they'll look at you and say, 'You're the first person to ask me that.' That's a red flag." James Spellos of Meetings U discussed hot technologies anyone can use in their meet- ings or businesses. Although some people are resistant to new technology, he said, more keeps arriving every day. Spellos said some emerging mobile and social technologies include blended and virtual reality, wearable tech devices and artificial intelligence. "All these things push the envelope and go way beyond just having a cool phone with a great app," he said. "You need to know what you can do to differentiate yourself and your company. "You should have already embraced social media by now. Change is tough, but you've got to push through," he said.

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