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MAR 2017

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Managing Meetings 12 Meeting planners should inspect VIP meeting venues personally before the event to make sure everything is in order. have to refund the extra tickets. Many VIPs expect the same thorough service. Whether it involves transportation or food service or necessities like an ATM or a public phone, planners should always check on avail- able resources throughout the planned program. "You can book them a room at the glitziest resort, but if the Wi-Fi doesn't work, then you're in trouble," said Miller. As another example, Miller recalled how Nelson Rockefeller reportedly never wore a top- coat, despite living in a northern region of the United States, because he never had to stand in the cold for more than a few seconds. A car was always ready for him, and planners should be prepared for their clients as well. Inspect the Venues in Person When it comes to reserving lodging or event space, planners should always inspect the site's amenities in person and speak with the staff to make sure everyone involved is prepared. "Never book a place you haven't been to," said Miller. "VIPs will not just look at a picture online or make a phone call; they want someone to personally inspect the hotel." The same goes for dining. Planners can organize meals as a catered event or reserve a pri- vate banquet hall at a restaurant. As soon as attendees arrive, someone should be waiting at the door to escort them to their table, with a waiter ready to serve them. Even if a venue is just hosting a board meeting, planners should ask the hotel or business From a prestigious university to bountiful farmland, Champaign County delivers an Outside of Ordinary meeting experience. SCHEDULE A SITE VISIT TODAY TO RECEIVE AN ILLINI T- SHIRT! LEAHL@VISITCHAMPAIGNCOUNTY.ORG 800.369.6151 | VISITCHAMPAIGNCOUNTY.ORG When the backdrop for your fall meeting includes European art amongst the foliage.

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