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JUL 2017

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July 2017 15 Apps 2.0 Apps 2.0 Advancing technology allows planners to build more powerful apps for meetings. M eetings apps have become more versatile and affordable than ever, especially as app developers create template- based products that are easier to customize. Nearly every event app's baseline features include meeting agendas, venue maps and sponsor information, but today's technology makes it possible for planners to track attendance, organize virtual competitions, create and edit PowerPoint presentations in real time, and so much more. To nar- row down some of the key steps for incorporating apps into confer- ences and events, we spoke with several technology experts. Chuck Law serves as the director of business development at Creatacor, a long-respected trade-show and event service that special- izes in designing custom displays. Shelley Brown is the sales manager at the American branch of Lumi, a global event app developer that offers some of the most advanced audience-response technology on the market. Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey works as the director of marketing at Pathable Inc., an award-winning event app developer that was founded by a team of seasoned technology specialists from Microsoft and Intel. Here are the tips they shared for using technology in your meetings: Keep it simple. There are countless app developers on the market, from college stu- dents to global corporations, and choosing the right one depends on a planner's objectives. Though some might be tempted to reach for an app with all the bells and whistles, planners should focus on providing a simple and effective product. "You can spend a lot of hours in the developing process," said Law. He advised planners to take their time outlining their main goals, locate the appropriate developers and then rely on the experts. Marketing agencies are usually a great place to start, since they can help planners find the best developer to accommodate their plans and price points. By Savannah Osbourn The new generation of mobile meeting technology offers powerful tools Courtesy Pathable

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